How to Mail With Canada Postage Rates

Canada Postage Rates

Canada Postage Rates is calculated by adding the weight of your parcel to the value of its delivery destination. It is based on the rate of five cents per pound for Registered Mail, and half a cent for Registered Mail that is left behind in the sender’s address packet. For Registered Mail, it is considered to be the final payment for services rendered, and for Express Mail and Registered Packages, it is the total amount due for delivery. However, both these rates change at regular intervals and are updated monthly. Hence, it is important that you check Canada post postage rates from time to time.

Canada Post Shipping Cost

The cost of shipping parcels or packages is dependent upon the weight of each individual piece, as well as the total weight of the package. More often than not, the charge is higher for Registered Mail, and the rate increase may occur if you add an extra post or over-mail piece. International Mailing also costs more than International Registered Mail, and there is no grace period in case of over-mailings. However, most businesses offer discounts on International Registered Mail when purchased in bulk.

The size and weight of a package are also factors that determine the rate. Larger items usually cost more to send across the country. On top of that, Registered Mail costs more because it requires that the piece is hand-delivered instead of being packaged. This makes it a better option if you want to ship large or heavy items. However, if you only want to send a small item through Registered Mail, it may still be cheaper to use the standard mail service.

International Postage Rates

Depending on the location, some International Mail may also be subject to special fees or surcharges. Rates can differ, especially for International Registered Mail, and these will be mentioned clearly when you are ordering. For example, stamps or pins used in electronic devices such as laptops or smartphones will be subject to extra charges or might even be free with certain products. Some International Services may even waive the extra surcharges if you make a special request, such as an earlier delivery date or an early pick-up.

There are also a few additional options available for those who want their packages to be sent faster. Courier services offer next day delivery and same-day delivery, which are popular with those who need their packages yesterday. Some companies also have express services available. These are usually very fast, and cost about $5 more than regular next day and same-day services. However, you have to order them in advance. Same-day services are usually available in Canada, but the price is usually higher.

Postage fees also include handling charges. Handling charges are non-refundable, and the Canada Post website does not include them. Some mailing services do include them. Other services that charge handling fees are Household Parcel Mail (HPM) and Registered Mail (RM), which are used for several purposes, including bill payments and collection services.

Tracking your package’s location is a very important part of mailing with Canada Post. You can find out where your package is by calling your local post office, or logging onto their Web site, and clicking on the country code. The location of your package may be marked on the map or provided in a table. You may also locate your parcel by using its address or street name or using one of the search functions available on the site.


Depending on your needs, you can purchase postage online or at the post office. You can also purchase stamps at any Post Office location. If you choose to do so, you will usually have a choice of how many postage stamps you wish to purchase. With some services, you can buy only one stamp at a time, while others allow you to buy multiple stamps at once. Buying postage online and at the post office can save you both time and money; you can purchase your stamps at any time, and you do not have to wait for your packages to arrive at your home before you can mail them.