Frequently questions asked about armored cars

Getting your vehicle armored is now becoming a big norm in this current era. With so many terrorist activities and unexpected mishaps happening, it is highly advisable to get yourself armored especially if you are highly influential figure in the public. Here are some of the common questions asked regarding armored cars.

armored cars

Question: Will the car be bullet proof?

Answer: This is one of the biggest misconceptions in any person’s mind who inquires about these armored vehicles. None of the models can be fully identified as bullet proof because the parameters used to adjudge bullet proofing is done through standard measures which cannot be accounted for unexpected conditions and parameters.


Question: What are armored trucks used for?

Answer: Armored trucks are used as SWAT trucks, cash in transit purposes, military or police use, transporting a crook, and other uses. You can check the large fleet of customized armored trucks for more info.armoured car

Question: Can cars and trucks be re-armored according to customer specifications

Answer: You can specify your security need and purpose for which the car will be used to the armored car manufacturer. They will help you with the insights and build the car according to your needs.

Question: What are some of the materials used for armoring the cars and trucks?

Answer: Armored cars uses great alloys of steel with Kevlar and nylon to give optimal armored protection. The interiors are also line with ballistics fabrics and the doors are revolted with protective elements. The glass is also made of polycarbonate substance to ensure small bullets don’t scythe through.

Question: Who is Inkas Armored, and what do they specialize in?

Answer: Inkas armored has been manufacturing cars since 1996 and is the biggest armored car and armored truck manufacturer in the world with offices in many countries. You can call us anytime for assistance with any type of armored protection

You can call the help line or visit the website for more info and get more knowledge on how armored cars work and how protected you will feel. You can also stay updated for more questions following armored cars. Check here to catch the latest news on armored vehicles.